Workin 9-5, what a way to make a livin…

July 20, 2007

I guess I could say I have been too busy at work for my blog, “what a way to make a living”. That may have been true in May/June but not July…It’s been a bit of a dry spell – no drinking – which is terribly difficult it being patio season and all, ┬áplus I haven’t attended many fun parties the past few weeks (relates directly to not drinking)…But much like the revival of hit early 80s comedy 9 to 5, this blog will come alive again. I know I am looking forward to Dolly’s hit musical…Are you?

Let’s hope it does better than the rescoring of Islands in the Stream to Ghetto Superstar…Whatever happened to Mia?


David Suzuki addresses climate change online

June 5, 2007

Shameful client plug…Can you believe it? I wait this long to post and the first thing I’ve got is about a client program…It’s a good one and something everyone should see. David Suzuki is interviewed on Yahoo! Video about global warming. I have seen him speak a few times this year about climate change at various client events and he’s amazing. You should check it out for sure there’s a link on Answers (Yahoo!’s social networking site) where you can answer his question How can Canadians develop a sustainable economy and a sustainable way of life?

There is so much going on online to promote a change in attitude towards the environment. It’s fabulous. And just to keep a balanced view of the online landscape check out blackle.

That’s Drag Queen NOT Dairy Queen

May 8, 2007

The weather is FINALLY permitting ice cream runs and blizzards from DQ come to mind…But I have another DQ you can’t miss – Diva Oz Vegas. It’s a community theatre production I have worked on for the past three years and although I am not as involved as in years past, this year is fabulous.

A fundrasier for Casey House (a hopsice for HIV patients), DQ has always brought out the glitteratti and the disco dancing diva in me. Founded by a bunch of Toronto queens who wanted to help June Callwood buy the offical Casey House on Isabella in DT Toronto, the curtains will close at the end of the run for the first time in 20 years…

The show boasts music (both live and lipsynched), glitter and sequins galore. A must see, you should come by with friends and family.

Please promote it to your blogging communities if you’re in Toronto. More details can be found here but it’s a must see.

Facebook puts Toronto on the map

April 18, 2007

How cool is this? Not only are we the city with the world’s biggest phallic symbol…We are the largest FB market WW. I love it!

Look out Ed…Here comes Eden

April 12, 2007

Along my travels through the social side of social media I have met many “geek chic” bloggers, but none who’s blog interests me more than Bargainista’s. Check it out here. A gal after my own heart. Pre-dollarama days, Honest Ed had the right idea selling bargain basement prices on name brand items, and has been doing just that since, well, forever…But Ed has a lot to learn about Bargain 2.0. This fabulous blog boasts hot fashion items, shows, events and best of all specials are announced on the move and with a changing twitter status alerting shoppers about what’s on sale. Two thumbs up from me.

Happy Birthday To Me – 28 is not late to celebrate

April 10, 2007

I can’t believe social media and other methods of communication have played such a large role in making my birthday extra special this year..Here are my birthday feed stats. I am looking to up the ante even more by doing a post!

As of 5:16 p.m.:

Facebook – 44 wall posts on FB, 9 FB messages, 1 new FB friend with the same birthday as me

Phone – 3 texts (one where I called the person out for forgetting), 4 messages, 3 live chats

Email – 6 emails

E-cards – 4

Instant Messages – 3

Traditional cards – 2

Flower bouquets – 2

Balloons – 1 bunch

Tiara (plastic) – 1

Thank you to all of you who remembered and to those of you who were reminded by FB. This has been a stellar year, and, well…My birthday is like Hanukkah (8 days) and I will celebrate till Sunday!

Ironic Preppy?

March 31, 2007

If this is what Tyra and the ANTM crew think is Sophisticated BoHo, maybe I’ll turn ironic preppy.