Turkey Time…To PVR or not to PVR?

So my promise to start blogging again on a more regular basis fell to the wayside when I got pulled into pitch after pitch after pitch…The good news is should we win some of this business cha ching for me! Only 76 days till Christmas but for me, the pitch season should come to a close around December 5th…Until then these posts will likely be few and far between…I guess that makes me a turkey!

But who really cares about my update on by busy life, what the readers really want is the pithy smak I write about nothing or entertainment right?

For now, Turkey time… or maybe time for me to get a PVR, especially since hulu sucks for Canadians. It seems that the networks have decided to put every show I watch on either Sunday or Monday and the rest of the week I am expected to watch garbage or Seinfeld/Family Guy/Scrubs re-runs. It’s sad for me because at the end of a long day I like to kick back and enjoy programming from the Hills (a guilty pleasure) to good shows like Mad Men (an insipration for this season’s Michael Kors fashion line). In order for me to watch Dexter, Entourage, True Blood (which will liekly get cancelled), The Hills, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men and Gossip Girl I will have to get a PVR and get involved in some volunteering or sports to fill the rest of my nights of the week.

Happy Turkey Day!

xoxo SB


One Response to Turkey Time…To PVR or not to PVR?

  1. I don’t actually lol. I was going to put one up if I’d located one, but as yet, no luck. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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