XoXo Gossip Girl


XoXo - LOVE this crazy campaignEver since I was a kid, I was starved for gossip – from celeb dirt to playground past times, I always loved being on the inside track. Feeling “in-the-know”…Even the launch of this blog was really just a means of being part of the “in crowd” back in my PR days. Now, a whole two years – give or take a month – I’ve been out of the scene and out of the know for months.

I haven’t been up to snuff feeding my inner geek information about what’s new, what’s trendy and what’s happening in the social media world. That said, since joining my company, Klick Communications in late 2007, I have ramped up on my knowledge of the digital space and have a WAY deeper understanding of online community and digital marketing.

Even though I am more versed in digital, I am not on the gossip train…I don’t follow twitter, I’m out of earshot of Dr. Jones and worst of all, I can’t spread my own gossip about what’s hot, trendy and sophisticated to one and all. (don’t worry, office gossipers – your secrets safe with me ;))

In honour of my return to the scene, I am celebrating Gossip Girl’s ads, the new season and my girl crush on Blake Lively. I hope I can get my audience back and maybe even grow it with my new, deeper understating of a this crazy big digital world. If you’ve never watched the show – check this out

See you at the next Girl Geek Dinner and maybe even at a Third Tuesday!


2 Responses to XoXo Gossip Girl

  1. Your secret admirer says:

    I have waited 289 days!!! SOOOOO happy to have you back!!!
    Your #1 fan

  2. Julie R. says:

    It’s about time … your little blog was orphaned for too long … welcome back baby … !

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