What is happening to our society?

At Yonge and Bloor (where my office is) there has been quite commotion for the last few days. First off, we’ve got the crazy students and homeless who are getting paid $300 a day to sit outside awaiting the opening of the sales office for One Bloor. Is it worth it? Can you believe that it is ok for high paid realtors to pay homeless people to sit in front of a sales office so that they can buy condos and flip them? Ironic? HELLOOOOOOJust steps away they are tearing down the rope and stanchion in front of H & M where Roberto Cavalli unveiled his line of animal print dresses, pants, vests, undies and scarves this morning. I headed over at 10:10 a.m. to try to grab something but I was too late. People had been waiting from 5 a.m. They buy in bulk, the entire line of clothing which took up most of the main floor of the Bloor location was GONE. Only teeny tiny bras were left and people were buying them by the dozen. I went down to the mens section to see if I could transform a T-Shirt or something but there was a mosh pit of people grabbing at whatever frock flew out of the changeroom. It honestly looked like something out of the animal kingdom – SAVAGES. I walked across the street feeling a bit bummed that I don’t have anything Cavalli…Wandered into Holtz and Zara and did some retail therapy. I am up a pair of shoes, casual Friday jacket and a cardigan and I didn’t have to fight anyone. Check out the designs below – do you think it was worth the fuss?


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