The “F” word = Facebook

A while back I was in LOVE with Facebook. Now it’s just a part of my everyday routine. Check email, check facebook, meet some dude who I think is cute, check his facebook…Stalking? I think not. It’s fabulous that a social networking tool has become so mainstream that my parents know what it is but I do think that it’s a become a buzz word that makes people who know NOTHING about social media think that they are armed with the recipe for secret sauce. Every meeting I sit in to brainstorm ideas for clients someone says “create a facebook group” or “a facebook application/badge”…Facebook has become the new user generated content of the PR/marketing world and in my opinion, its getting too much attention on everyone’s blogs.

That said, I LOVED Agent Wildfire’s post on the 65 ways to post an image on FB. Everything you’ve thought about, but never said aloud. I was a bit insulted at the dig he made on having cartoons as your picture because I happen to LOVE my Yahoo! Avatar image – but I;m going to re-think it. What to post? I better think about it and make an educated change. The WOM armies are watching :).


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