Geek Dinner

Last night’s Geek Dinner at Eggplant was a huge success. It was great to see faces that I’ve met over the last year through this growing community. It’s a pleasure to plan events like this because not only do I get praise from Mitch and Michael, I also get juiced from their links! I am happy everyone enjoyed themselves and appreciate all the positive feedback. I plan to update my blog more since it seems more people are checking in for information on whatever comes to mind.


3 Responses to Geek Dinner

  1. Mitch Joel says:

    It’s not just Link Love.

    It’s REAL love.

    You’re the best Julia. I’m just the Monkey typing the block and hitting the send button on emails.

    You’re making the event happen.


  2. Ditto. Except for the monkey part. I’m more of a badger.

  3. Ha ha! badger…That’s classic 🙂

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