Release your inhibition…Feel the rain on your skin!

Did you know that tonight is the season premiere for MTV’s hit show The Hills? You don’t have to have see an episode, but you should know what’s going if you want to stay in tune with the digital generation – you can’t just be on Facebook. Did you hear Jesse and Dan’s aftershow is going to be syndicated to the US? That’s HUGE for Canadian MTV hosts. Their remix and clips are a hit on YouTube and the girls from the Hills love it! This one is defintely a favourite. Tonight’s season premiere is so exciting and I am counting down the hours till the one hour special begins. I can’t wait to see the fight break out between Heidi and LC.

I am heading to the Hills myself this later this week to visit all the hot spots where the magic happens – the steps at Laguna Beach where everyone has broken up…Area, Cafe Ketchup (just read that LC and Jason were on a date there two weeks ago). Stay tuned for pics and hey, you might even see me in a episode.


4 Responses to Release your inhibition…Feel the rain on your skin!

  1. Lenny Bexson says:

    Have fun in LA! I didn’t realize you were going. You’ll have a fab time 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Hey Jules,

    Great to meet you in LA last week! You were the dancing queen at Les Deux 😉 Next time we’re up in T.O. I’ll definitely give you a call. Keep the posts coming!

    Luv ya!

  3. rain boots says:

    rain boots…

    […]Release your inhibition…Feel the rain on your skin! « Sophisticated Bohemian[…]…

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