David Suzuki addresses climate change online

Shameful client plug…Can you believe it? I wait this long to post and the first thing I’ve got is about a client program…It’s a good one and something everyone should see. David Suzuki is interviewed on Yahoo! Video about global warming. I have seen him speak a few times this year about climate change at various client events and he’s amazing. You should check it out for sure there’s a link on Answers (Yahoo!’s social networking site) where you can answer his question How can Canadians develop a sustainable economy and a sustainable way of life?

There is so much going on online to promote a change in attitude towards the environment. It’s fabulous. And just to keep a balanced view of the online landscape check out blackle.


4 Responses to David Suzuki addresses climate change online

  1. Thanks for the plug!

    Let me plug the David Suzuki Foundation’s Nature Challenge. It features 10 small, everyday actions that combined can have a huge effect. 330,000 people have already made the commitment!

    Join us at: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/NatureChallenge/

  2. YJA says:

    My highschool friend’s little sister had a huge crush on David Suzuki

  3. Lenny Bexson says:

    So, is that it? Your loyal fans want to know what the Sophisticated Bohemian has been up to, yet for some reason you seem to have forgotten us. Are YU spending too much time with Lenny in the City? Write soon – OKIE????

  4. Sorry Lenny, I’ve been bosy and I guess boring,,,Not much going on. I will try to keep YU more informed. What’s happening? It’s your b-day this weekend!!!

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