Bran Buds or Two Scoops?

I have been listening to Stew and Colleen in the morning…Primarily because I am a HUGE disco fan and they seem to play a lot of Donna Summer in the AM. I have noticed, and I don’t know if it is the case on all the Standard Radio stations, that they are playing the song from the old Raisin Bran commercial. Do you think Kelloggs’ ad agency sat around thinking of a new way to talk about the two scoops and couldn’t think of anything? Retro is always a good leg to fall back on and I remember this commercial…Am I in the bran eaters target market? Who knows? But I am happy to see Danny…I wonder if Mikey will come back to LIFE? Will Danny go on a media tour? That would be an awesome media relations campaign…


4 Responses to Bran Buds or Two Scoops?

  1. I totally remember that ad… how bloody old are we?

  2. Mikey says:

    I like it, I like it! Not so sure about Stew and Colleen though…. 🙂

  3. Dan Yurman says:

    Sturdy Danny McGee is my hero for three very distict reasons:

    1. He works as fast as he can. That means he’s got dedication. I wish I had that kind of dedication. I’m a big procrastinator.

    2. He’s one happy man. It’s nice that somethign as simple as Raisin Bran can make a man so happy. Too often in our society, we’re so wrappe dup with acquisition and consumption that we forget to appreciate the little things in life. We could learn a lot from Sturdy Danny McGee.

    3. He’s got his own back-up singers (“well here comes Daaaaan”) and I’ll bet they’re hotties too!

  4. Leona Hobbs says:

    I think it is smart of Kellogg’s to use their most catchy/retro ad to emphasize their “free prize inside” their bran flakes have more raisins. I hear you on feeling old Jill. I still knew all the words to the jingle when they started to replay the commerical (with the boxes digitally altered to reflect the new “two scoops” packaging, btw.)

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