Profits down…Time on Facebook, up

My posts have been few and far between since Januaryand I am not the only one...Not that I posted that often before…But I have been exploring other social media outlets. By that I don’t mean Second Life or Digg or anything truely geek chic, it’s Facebook that has caught my fancy and I admit I am addicted.

Myspace was the first social networking site to really take off amongst my peers but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Along comes Facebook and it is the talk of the town. No fancy backgrounds, top eights, music or frills, Facebook is easy-to-use and it is catching on like wildfire. Eight weeks in and I have more than 100 friends (all people I know) tons of networks and more. It’s so easy to use there are social media neophytes in my office signing up and logging on.

There is a great analysis from a marketing perspective here so I won’t bother trying to add my two cents. One thing I will say is that it took me WAY less time to figure out how to upload video and photos than wordpress.

It’s like six of degrees of Kevin Bacon plus Jewish geography and I am totally addicted.


4 Responses to Profits down…Time on Facebook, up

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hey Julia,

    So the big question..other than, could you be any more popular…;-) is what have you learnt from being on Facebook? Can it be integrated into client PR activity? Has it proven useful for biz dev?

    These are hardly bohemian questions but…

    Trying to see if you can bill your time spent on Facebook,


  2. UMMMM…By profits down I guess you could say no…From a PR/Event Marketing standpoint, you could market events or programs to groups through facebook. I might try to get clients to post groups or events in the future.

    Example: I have been involved in a fundraiser for Casey House called DQ (a musical performed in Drag) for the past three years and after trying desperately to get them an RSS feed on their site last year, this year they’ve got a facebook group. I added a bunch of friends that I think would be into attending the show and I know other cast and crew memebers have done the same. They will likely invite their friends or their friends will at least see that they are attending and might be interested. Bit of a WOMMA.

    I have also seen similar groups started for the Junos, events during CMW and other club openings and concerts. Can I bill my time to that learning? No. But it’s still good to know. When will I see you on Facebook?

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