Muppets in the blogosphere

Not sure if any of you caught my debut as a movie star on One Degree today but it is pretty hilarious. The lighting? A bit off, but for a laugh its all good. The content? Decent, considering I had had a few glasses of wine (maybe I should be media trained for that? Squidoo?). I do think that the shadow over my teeth makes me look like a Muppet/talking Muppet head, but overall I am not disappointed. I think I had a decent presence and of course, my husky Cathleen Turner voice was solid.

It’s definitely improved my stats today which once again proves my point, I am getting a pretty decent response on this bad boy considering the lack of focus. I will keep writing, if ya’ll keep reading.

Anyone addicted to facebook? I am. A whole other topic.


One Response to Muppets in the blogosphere

  1. Leona Hobbs says:

    i promise to keep reading. and you don’t look like muppet. perhaps a new point for fleishman’s media training module is in order?

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