Tall-check, funny-check, man boobs, OCD – LATER

Online dating – something anyone cares to tackle? I know it is supposed to be a way to meet people…I know Sarah Zucker and Mordechai Leibershwartz (fake names) met on Jdate and got married (Jdate is like lavalife for Jews)…But check out Jeremy Zawodny’s blog post today. It’s hilarious. I am so sick of people telling me to go online dating to open up new avenues and see what is out there.

Most of the horrors in his post were taken from The Truth About Online Dating in Scientific American. This was the highlight of my month on Jdate:

I was asked by one guy for a MILLION pictures (body shots, bikinis, you name it!). He had a few pictures up and so I thought meh – I’ll meet him even though he seems really shallow. See that’s the thing about online dating, you only talk to people who fit into what you imagine to be your “ideal” person. But because you don’t meet organically, there isn’s much room for flaw or liking someones idiosyncrasies. Anyway, I finally met the guy at a Starbucks in between our houses and he was a mature adult with braces. Not something I am against, but something he could have told me as I exposed myself through image transfer on instant messenger! Not to mention, he was a germaphobe who would only kiss people after drinking straight booze because he said it cleaned his palate AND took baby aspirin to thin his blood so it would flow to his brain better for his five figure salary as an accountant or lawyer or whatever he was. That was enough for me.

Just a thought and a bit of a rant. And since Chris Clark criticized me at last week’s geek dinner for not posting I figured I better say something…


7 Responses to Tall-check, funny-check, man boobs, OCD – LATER

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    Wow, look who’s posting on her blog! Way to call me out, Julia.

    JDate makes me wish I was Jewish. Oi! Is that how it’s spelled? Or is it Oy? If I convert, I’ll come to you for the answer.

  2. It’s OY – why would Jdate make you wish you were Jewish?

  3. Eden Spodek says:

    Oy, is right (double-entendre intended.) He sounds like a goof. And we’re the ones at a geek dinner? I’m so glad I met my husband the organic way. I’m not sure I could handle the online dating scene, the face-to-face was hard enough. I wish I knew some normal single guys so I could introduce you. The ones I know are all married or Bar Mitzvah age. And speaking of Bar Mitzvahs, I have to start planning one for my son (2008) and heard you’re a super event-planner. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I was a teen bride. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. E-mail me about your mom’s jewelry.

  4. Chris Clarke says:

    Because then I could join!

  5. Eden,

    Anytime you want to talk Bar Mitzvahs I am in. My mom, sadly enough, does not have a website…But the next party I have, I’ll be sure to invite you.

    Looking forward to the next Geek Dinner, or Third Tuesday where organic and online meetings come together as one.

    Once again, I say there are no bloggers and we are certainly not blogging from our basements. Take that Kener or Keener or whatever your name is.

  6. Eden Spodek says:

    It’s a deal.

    I registered for Third Tuesday but haven’t been able to make a meeting. Maybe this month.

    As for Keren, he needs to get a life. Maybe he should start a blog.

  7. Eden Spodek says:

    You’re on OneDegree today!

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