Golden Globe Speeches – Meh

I have been working on a campaign for a client which involves outreach to tier one celebrity PR flacks and agents. It is not as easy or as entertaining as I imagine. I thought it would be fun, you know, like calling Ari Gold’s office. In fact, getting the attention of any celebrity PR person has been more than a daunting task. They claim their celebs are SO busy and well…right in the middle  of awards season.

Based on the speeches at tonight’s Golden Globes maybe I should back off and let Hollywood PR flacks train their clients on key message delivery and the art of public speaking. (Ugly Betty aside) Unless of course, the celebs are throwing caution to the donut and winging it. Who knows? Either way, if you ask me they can piss off and be a bit nicer, I am just a PR flack myself trying to get the job done for my client.

That was a bit of a brain dump, but I had to write something, it had been too long.  Oh and rock on Borat!


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