Drinking your way to the top

Today’s National Post featured an article which I have decided will become my new manifesto – or – it has been my manifesto but now I am justified in what I am doing. The story is about drinking your way to the top and how social drinkers (women) are 14% more profitable than women who don’t drink. Men who drink are better earners (10%). Unfortunately, I was unable to link to the National Post article because their website is all screwy and they picked up the article from the NY Times which didn’t have it either. Fortunately I was able to find it here. Thank you to Caitlin Moscatello. I will be practicing my skills while on vacation for the next two weeks in Costa Rica, maybe New Years (sometimes referred to as amateur night) will actually lead to a bonus.


One Response to Drinking your way to the top

  1. Michael says:

    I’m in! Cheers to good times and higher salaries!

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