Zanta-claus is coming to town

Tis the season to see Zanta back on the streets and back on the wiki. Who would want to put Zanta out of business? And right before Christmas! After a week long protest initiated by blogto, Zanta made the cut. His notoriety was questioned last week by a Wikipedia member, Alkivar, a DJ from small town Maine, but his appearances scaring myself and others on the streets of T.O., in the Toronto Star, on CityLine and Kenny v. Spenny sealed the deal. Good news for Zanta fans in Toronto – one of his biggest fans works here at Fleishman-Hillard.


3 Responses to Zanta-claus is coming to town

  1. Ed Lee says:

    he’s looking pretty ripped there…and just as crazy!

  2. scottymac says:


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve posted my email address on my sidebar and fired you off an email as well.

    Looking forward to seeing this Zanta-claus guy in the near future. It seems he’d be pretty hard to miss.

  3. Pete says:

    that guy is craaaaazy lol when i was a member at Ballys he was there, dont know if he’s still there but it was just a ride…. i’d be on the treadmill and he’d walk by and flex and stuff and i had to control myself from bursting into laughter…… also saw him on the ttc without a shirt one day …. guy is EVERYWHERE lol

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