Sophisticated and Perez, a blog match made in heaven

Not sure if you recall the post where I discovered Perez but it has been my favourite feed for sometime…Yesterday one of my press releases was featured on the site – WAY cool.


15 Responses to Sophisticated and Perez, a blog match made in heaven

  1. Jill K says:

    Hi Julia,
    I read your blog along with a few of PR blogs from time to time. I did notice your press release on Perez yesterday and thought it was very cool! From one PR gal to another, congrats!

  2. […] One of our regular publicity-oriented news releases on top Yahoo! Canada search terms was featured on hollywood gossip blog Perez Hilton, which currently sits at #47 on the Technorati rankings. My team members Julia Stein and Rohini Mukherji, who co-authored the release, were telling everyone they know, while a former colleague at Thornley Fallis also sent me a congratulatory note. […]

  3. Leona Hobbs says:

    Good to see the Y! buzz program is in good hands! Excellent work!

  4. markandapril says:

    Interestingly enough (or not, perhaps), I recall proposing Lainey Gossip (Canada’s equivalent to Perez) as a potential target for blogger relations way back at the conception of the Y! Buzz program. Never happened though.

    Congrats to Jules and Rhino Moocher!!


  5. Scott says:

    Way cool indeed…… My fav. source for celebrity gossip…… Congrats 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    Thanks Mark. I think the PR folks at Yahoo! might be warmer to blogs now and might recognize the new way people are consuming news in a more favourable way.

  7. Lenny says:

    A match made in heaven indeed….. I know another good match as well 😉 Congratulations!!

  8. JohnPearson says:

    Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


  9. Florian says:

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  10. Florian,

    That’s great! Thanks for reading. 🙂

  11. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  12. RandyJones says:

    Looks Like Dallas is in trouble!
    Phoenix might end up blowing them all away.

    PHX vs. Det. Hmmm..Could be interesting?

  13. MaryAnne says:

    I’m not quite understanding what all
    this is supposed to be about?
    Must be me or something…

  14. JerryGreen says:

    How green is the grass on the other side of the fence?
    Not much. Don’t believe it I tell you.

  15. StephenG says:

    Really nice site you got here.
    I’ll come back more often and check it out.

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