“From totally geek to totally chic”

Does anyone remember that line from Can’t Buy Me Love? I have now attended three “Third Tuesday Meetups” and discovered a new pool of hot men in Toronto. Unlike paid journalists, who often look like they just rolled out of bed and are lucky to have a pen and paper at a press conference, Toronto’s chic blogging community is way more sophisticated and could walk the runways in chocolate or plain clothes any day. Analysis of Toronto’s sexiest PR & Marketing bloggers:

David Jones – my boss (no bias there). Amazing wardrobe effort –  silver fox hair, wide variety of interchangeable agency type glasses and technicolour or printed shirts. Never a hair out of planned messy place. Have you noticed that every man on TV has a cleft chin or dimples? David Jones’ “Alec Baldwin-esque” defined chin, features a cute cleft – he’s ready for the red carpet.

Ted on the left; Sean on the rightTed Graham – notable Toronto blogger and knowledgeware expert from H & K. Tall, dark, handsome, excellent choice of beer and pub grub…Sure he jets out of third Tuesdays early, like all of the hot bloggers, he’s married. Wide array of shirt patterns, eclectic cuff links and is rarely seen without some kind of hot new tech gadget in tow. This sexy Toronto blogger gets a hat tip from me – whatever that means.

Ted Graham (L); Sean Moffitt (R)

Sean Moffitt, new on the scene…not really, but new to me since I was left off his top Canadian bloggers post and I am not geeky enough to be invited to geek dinners. Tall, blond, buff, athletic vibe, keen interest in beer (not sure if that’s a good descrption for Sally Field)…My guess is that Sean’s look is sophisticated jock. I have only seen him once, clad in dress pants and a plain shirt, fresh off the WOM conference circuit. His coat said stylish PR guy, but everything else about him wants to be in boardies or BBall shorts and long sleeve T.

Michael Seaton – Client side. Usually casual, making agency types jealous that they can’t wear jeans on the job, but, in the finance industrydressing to impress is a must and  so does Michael Seaton . (I used to work in financial PR and was always getting flack from my boss about dressing to the nines regardless of my account coordinator pay stub.) Ive spotted Michael at a few conference and marketing events where he effortlessly sports sleek suits and metallic frame glasses giving an air of intellect with a hint of fashion sense.

Ed Lee – another colleague at i-Studio. His fiance Mia’s comments at the Yahoo! holiday party about how geeky blog events are and her lack of interest in them were part of the inspiration for this entry. Ed is a lucky fellow – no matter what he wears or says, his distinctive English accent will set him apart from the masses (at least in Canada). Ed’s style is not fully developed as he is still finding his way in the crazy world of PR. When he first started at FH, he was dressed to the nines in suits and starched shirts (which sometimes looked like his dad bought them for him), but since he made the transition to i-Studio, his style is more relaxed and reflects his age and alternative geek vibe. Cool blazer and ironic t-shirt at the Y! party reveal that Ed is on the right track (could this be Mia’s influence? TBD).

Check out these chic bloggers and vote for your favourite in the comments – PR Girlz, Leona, Julie, Lisa, Tamera, Julie  your input is welcome. In my younger days I wouldn’t have been caught dead with a bunch of techie geeks, but I have to say, in the blogging world, geek is totally chic. 


28 Responses to “From totally geek to totally chic”

  1. David Jones says:

    someone wants a raise…

  2. markandapril says:

    I think she’s looking for more than a raise…


  3. markandapril says:

    Aah, the timestamp has auto-adjusted…my previous comment should have appeared after Dave’s.


  4. Ted Graham says:

    Now my wife is never going to let me go to another Third Tuesday… I’m flattered all the same.

  5. David Jones says:

    I vote for Seaton’s kid.

  6. Ted, I disagree, I think now your wife will want to come. 🙂

  7. […] My friend, colleague and sophisticated boheminan, Julia Stein, has been inspired by People Magazine’s recently published "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and has a hilarious blog post where she has nominated five Canadian Marketing and PR bloggers for "Hottest Canadian PR/Marketing Blogger."  […]

  8. Lisa Walker says:

    Julia – this is hilarious.
    Ted and I were at a conference on Tuesday and I instructed him to go talk to ‘the blonde speaker’ – who happened to be quite stunning. His wife Kate overheard but she played it cool. But now he’s Geek Bachelor #2…it’s getting out of hand. Does the fact that I’ve hung out with most of these bachelors in the last week give me enough geek cred to get invited to a geek dinner?

  9. Now I know why I have more female PR students than male. I will tell them about the target rich environment in Canada.

    Of course, they are all looking for keen blogger friends so perhaps they should work on introductions in social media first.

  10. I know! Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the lead pipe!

    Do I win a prize?

    This is too much fun Julia, what an idea!

  11. As I was talking to Dave, Ted, Michael and Ed tyhe other day, it’s just so tough being a sexy blogger. People are so demanding of your time and its just so incredibly difficult to be recognized for your intelligence & ideas when it’s just all “beefcake this, beefcake that”, “did you see what bling he was wearing?” ” Yeh, he really did jump on that couch at Third Tuesday?” “I think he’s adopting a child through social media”.

    Too funny Julia (and I think this might automatically get you on the next Top Blogger list). As adiditional fodder, I’ve provided another picture of the five gentlemen mentioned above at another event we attended together recently

    Damn paparazzi everywhere!

  12. David Jones says:

    Sean…brilliant. I’m claiming Clooney before I get stuck with Elliot Gould.

  13. Julia says:

    Love it. And Lisa, you should for sure be invited to geek dinners, segregation never – integration now – to quote another 80s movie (anyone seen Hairspray?).

  14. Ed Lee says:

    i’ve always thought of myself as the paralytically drunk girl’s brad pitt…

  15. Lisa Popplewell says:

    Ed that is totally you! You’ve got my vote 🙂

  16. Nicole says:

    Nice Julia – we can always count on you to spice things up! The choice is tough – but since Ed’s my old tennis partner, my vote is swaying his way, he’s saved our game many a time…..

  17. David Jones says:

    The Ed lobby has begun. What a grassroots mobilization effort!

  18. Ed Lee says:

    the only person i actually emailed was lisa – does that count as astroturfing?

  19. Mitch Joel says:

    Ed = Astroturfing (no surprise).

    Dr. Jones – You can’t be George Clooney – that role has already been given out: http://buzzcanuck.typepad.com/agentwildfire/2006/11/geek_dinner_ii_.html

    Deal with it!

    So, when do we see Quebec’s Hottest Bloggers – I’ll be René Angelil.

  20. Jones, you don’t look like Elliot Gould but I just know you have that swanky “Hef-style” smoking jacket and those bug-eyed glasses somewhere in your wardrobe.

    Ok, so as far as I can tell, my son Ben seems to be in the lead. Better watch out Ed, the kid is a lady killer – catch him on a good day when he is not teething and drooling all over himself and he is a shoe-in.

  21. Mitch Joel says:

    …”catch him on a good day when he is not teething and drooling all over himself and he is a shoe-in.”

    Great, now how will we tell him apart from the rest of you?

  22. Jane Fordham says:

    Well since I’ve had a brief encounter with Mr Pitt and I like a shandy, Ed you’ve got my vote


  23. Sarah C says:

    Jules – this is a gas. I’ve always been a George Clooney fan – one vote for David.

  24. […] Ah yes, a common stereotype of PR’s – they all dress nice.  Or do they?  Well, I don’t know since I’m not actually out in the PR world just yet, but let me ask you this: Who else would have a Hot PR Guy competition? […]

  25. That’s very thought-provoking point of view. I will come back to your blog again soon.

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