Santino – can I have a refund

I never thought I would say this, but a scalper gave me a refund. Went to the Tom Petty concert on Friday night which was fanatasitc…Didn’t buy tickets from tickmaster…Why? I didn’t want to pay 12 dollars for a ticketmaster surcharge if they were emailing me my tickets, I mean, come on…What’s the service charge when you’re emailing and I printing on my own (well Fleishman-Hillard’s) paper. I discovered what the charge is for…The line was HUGE. So I bought tickets from a scalper and sure enough, one was botched. My sister and I were dying to get in at that point and decided to call the scalper who instructed us to find a fat black man named Maurice who would direct us to his cousin Santino, another scalper, who would refund us our money…And he did. Who would have thought? Anyway, we paid some guy in line to buy us tickets. The concert was fab – didn’t I say that already?

Lessons learned:

1. Ticketmaster has a surcharge for a reason

2. If the market is hot for tickets, wait in the line and buy extras and then sell them to the scalpers – you can make a profit

3. Having a scalpers number never hurts

Next concert – Scissor Sistors – October 10th…Unless something else comes up.


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