Blogs are so five minutes ago

Obviously I was a bit late entering the world of social media by starting my blog less than three months ago…Although I like to think I am at least somewhat in the loop on trends, in this case I was WAY behind. Now all of the cool bloggers and marketing industry bloggers alike are starting podcasts – will I fall short if I don’t start one myself? Will I be left behind in the dark world of 2.0? Does a podcast bump you up to 2.5? Am I sounding like a Nissan commerical?

It is so much work already to keep up with my own blog, bloglines and finding bloggers with similar interests I don’t think I can handle my social life, my job, my blog and a regularly programmed show. (Even though my voice is perfect for broadcast). I will leave it to the experts and continue to listen to and read the summaries of other people’s podcasts until the light flickers and it is just me and some writers who haven’t given up on their Smith Premier typewriters yet.


6 Responses to Blogs are so five minutes ago

  1. David Jones says:

    Though I am neither sophisticated, nor bohemian, nor in possession of a particularly great radio voice…I know a thing or two about podcasts. What would you want to podcast about?

  2. Boyfriend Ben says:

    Usually I find your blog so intelligent and insightful, but today I think that YU are way off base. What are yu, a Nissan commerical?

    What is this… blogging 1.0??

  3. Bon Gia!!!

    Everyone in my country enjoys your blog.

    When are you coming to my country again?

  4. Andrea Willemse says:

    I love you blog! Great information and such witty and insightful comments.

    I was wondering if you could comment on the current “Muffin Top” phenomenon. I am afraid I don’t know enough about it yet, and definitely want tips to ensure that I avoid such an unsightly problem.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    Happy Blogging!

  5. Dorothy Mantooth says:

    Have you lost interest in your blog – why has it been so long since the last posting?

  6. Lenny in the City says:

    Miss you insights, and your smile.

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