Blurring the line on book club protocol

I am in a book club. I meet with a bunch of girls whom I really enjoy spending time with to drink wine, eat good food, gossip and of course, review books. I don’t always love the books. And somehow, when I don’t love the book, I also don’t have time to read.

This month there were two suggested novels the first was something to do with beer which peaked my interest, the second is a Canadian book called “The Time in Between” currently a best seller on the NY Times list. For some reason, reading about another confused soul, struggling with the advancement Vietnam has undergone since the end of the war is not appealing to me. But there are rules. If you don’t read the book you can’t go. I missed the last book club, and although I don’t want to read this one, I feel compelled to do so in order to attend the meeting. It’s almost like school, deadline of August 28th, reading something I am forced into….Is it wrong if my father reads it and I get the “David” notes on it?

The sad thing is, I have only read fabulous reviews of the book…I guess if he really likes it, I still have enough time to cram and read before the meeting. But by screening the book through my father, am I blurring the line on bookclub protocol?

Just a brain fart I guess. šŸ˜‰


2 Responses to Blurring the line on book club protocol

  1. David Jones says:

    Check out the Spineless blog It’s a great blog about books and reading recommendations, etc. from a friend of mine. And guess what…she’s in PR too! You’ll have so much in common.

  2. Amy says:

    Belonged to one book club. We drank, ate and gossiped too much, which was great but I don’t remember liking the books … dear god, i hated Vaniety Fair. Don’t think you should force your way through a book if you don’t like it … What you didn’t like may be a great spot to start the discussion?

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