Smarties should stick to chocolate

Just back from a lunch break at Yonge and Bloor – a hot spot for street samplers and marketing promotions. Today’s promotion was a cross between the new peanut smartie and smart car – a “smart” idea. Once I found out that my last PR agency was not working the promotion, I decided to participate and try to win a smart car. Low and behold, the smartie box didn’t have the security number on it which was the hot ticket to participate – the whole thing is a SHAM! Even if it was a mistaken box – what’s the deal? 

And BTW – the peanut smartie, a new rival for a peanut M & M doesn’t even compare. Smarties should stick to what they know and leave the red ones last.

JUST IN – I checked a number of other boxes for eligibility in the “smart” contest and low and behold, none of the boxes had the right security number. I decided to test the customer service waters and the folks at Nestle were quite helpful. However, it turns out that NONE of the boxes of peanut smarties have the security number and the contest is totally bogus.

You have to buy a box of smarties (not penut) that have a smart caron the front and then the box has a proper liscense number to enter into the contest. What a bullshit street promotion. Maybe I will get a smart car out of my complaint but my guess is…a box of smarties.


One Response to Smarties should stick to chocolate

  1. Cy says:

    Usually in such contests, the promotional material mentions that you have to buy the context box with the [whatever] on the front. If this was not so on this occasion, never mind. You copped an extra tube of smarties (what is a box?). We used to use the red ones to paint our lips red (boys too). They were also called chocolate beans. I wonder if Rowntrees were cupying M&Ms or what? I was raised in York. We had Terrys too. And Cravens. All one big multi-national now I guess.

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