Dating games reach a new low

I was reading Chris Clarke’s blog the other day and came across his entry “this is not PR” which I could not help but find amusing.

I have been in the dating scene for a while and that made me laugh. Of course there are self help books for women GALORE, how much truth do they hold? Well, not that much, but sometimes one can find meaning in the pages to prevent a breakdown when a guy doesn’t call. Recently I dated someone who recommended I read the male version of dating books – The Game, by Neil Strauss – that should have been my first clue to run scared – but it was a good eye opener. (Maybe I needed a PR person, or just a third party to provide me with some judgement with that one…)

Advertising on Craig’s list for wing man is not PR – it’s posting to pay for a friend and gain some confidence in the scary dating scene. Better off fishing!


2 Responses to Dating games reach a new low

  1. Chris Clarke says:

    Such a coincidence! I was just telling my boss about you when the topic of “Toronto PR bloggers” came up (it was a short conversation).

    Thanks for the link-love, Julia. I like the layout of the blog, too. Very nice!

  2. Julia says:

    HA HA. I don’t know if I can be classified as a PR blogger…My blog doesn’t really have a focus, it’s sort of a bohemian blog. But thanks for the shout-out. – J

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