If the devil wore prada, how come my first boss wore Louis Vuitton?

We've all had nightmare managers in our careers and everyone has their own horror story. This week the Devil Wears Prada is being released in theatres. The movie is based on a novel written about the Sr. Editor of a fashion magazine in New York and is hilarious.  It reminds me of my first few jobs and the crazy women I learned from.

Fortunately, I am happy with my current managers. What has made them better managers? How can I make sure that I don't end up like the devil?

I am starting to delegate work and am learning how to manage people myself. Do I have any training at all? NO. The only way that I know to manage people is to try to do the opposite of everything I learned from my first managers. Why is there no formal training in management amongst PR practitioners and is this the same in all service industries? 

Hopefully by the time I can afford Marc Jacobs, I will have learned something about management off the job and I won't have junior PR people complaining about me.


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