Beautiful week in the gaybourhood, beautiful day for a gaybour…

Would you be mine, could you be mine… Well you get the point. So, last call woes have passed and now it's time to move on. The rainbow flag was raised on Monday to kick of Toronto's pride week which is North America's second biggest pride. The biggest pride is celebrated in San Fansisco – the gay capitol of the NA – the largest in the world is in Sydney, Australia.

Toronto's gay pride week is important because it celebrates the freedom of same sex couples in Canada and is a tribute to how far society has come in the acceptance of homosexuality. The tremendous support and celebration of gay pride should prove to Stephen Harper that Canadians are open to same sex marriage and hey – what happens behind closed doors or in the case of pride, on Church street, ain't no body's buinsess but their own. We'll see what the rest of the caucus has to say in the open vote…But for now, let's paint the town rainbow and join in the festivities.

I have already begun to enjoy the parties and events but more is still to come before Sunday's march down Yonge street.

What's on:

Tuesday June 20, 2006 – Underwear show, Cafe California hosted by Candy Bar

Wednesday June 21, 2006- Summer Solstice, Distillery District (raises money for small theatre projects)

– Orbit room – great live band Wednesday's all summer long

Friday June 22, 2006 – underwear show at 12:00 noon at the Hudson's Bay company hosted by Candy Bar

– pride week parties all over the village, check out O'Gradey's, hot bartender Steve will surely be working

Saturday June 23, 2006 – pride & Laurie Brehma's 30th birthday at Social

Sunday June 24, 2006 – Pride parade – Yonge and Bloor – look for me, I'll be a in tie die tube dress marching for Casey House


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