Turkey Time…To PVR or not to PVR?

October 10, 2008

So my promise to start blogging again on a more regular basis fell to the wayside when I got pulled into pitch after pitch after pitch…The good news is should we win some of this business cha ching for me! Only 76 days till Christmas but for me, the pitch season should come to a close around December 5th…Until then these posts will likely be few and far between…I guess that makes me a turkey!

But who really cares about my update on by busy life, what the readers really want is the pithy smak I write about nothing or entertainment right?

For now, Turkey time… or maybe time for me to get a PVR, especially since hulu sucks for Canadians. It seems that the networks have decided to put every show I watch on either Sunday or Monday and the rest of the week I am expected to watch garbage or Seinfeld/Family Guy/Scrubs re-runs. It’s sad for me because at the end of a long day I like to kick back and enjoy programming from the Hills (a guilty pleasure) to good shows like Mad Men (an insipration for this season’s Michael Kors fashion line). In order for me to watch Dexter, Entourage, True Blood (which will liekly get cancelled), The Hills, How I Met Your Mother, Mad Men and Gossip Girl I will have to get a PVR and get involved in some volunteering or sports to fill the rest of my nights of the week.

Happy Turkey Day!

xoxo SB


XoXo Gossip Girl

August 27, 2008


XoXo - LOVE this crazy campaignEver since I was a kid, I was starved for gossip – from celeb dirt to playground past times, I always loved being on the inside track. Feeling “in-the-know”…Even the launch of this blog was really just a means of being part of the “in crowd” back in my PR days. Now, a whole two years – give or take a month – I’ve been out of the scene and out of the know for months.

I haven’t been up to snuff feeding my inner geek information about what’s new, what’s trendy and what’s happening in the social media world. That said, since joining my company, Klick Communications in late 2007, I have ramped up on my knowledge of the digital space and have a WAY deeper understanding of online community and digital marketing.

Even though I am more versed in digital, I am not on the gossip train…I don’t follow twitter, I’m out of earshot of Dr. Jones and worst of all, I can’t spread my own gossip about what’s hot, trendy and sophisticated to one and all. (don’t worry, office gossipers – your secrets safe with me ;))

In honour of my return to the scene, I am celebrating Gossip Girl’s ads, the new season and my girl crush on Blake Lively. I hope I can get my audience back and maybe even grow it with my new, deeper understating of a this crazy big digital world. If you’ve never watched the show – check this out

See you at the next Girl Geek Dinner and maybe even at a Third Tuesday!

Signed, sealed delivered…

November 13, 2007

Saw Stevie Wonder last night…He played quite a few slow ones at first and I almost fell asleep. Then he kicked it up a notch. I love going to concerts in Toronto, it’s such a rush. We are so lucky to have so many good visitors here…Anyone have Neil Young tickets to spare?

What is happening to our society?

November 8, 2007

At Yonge and Bloor (where my office is) there has been quite commotion for the last few days. First off, we’ve got the crazy students and homeless who are getting paid $300 a day to sit outside awaiting the opening of the sales office for One Bloor. Is it worth it? Can you believe that it is ok for high paid realtors to pay homeless people to sit in front of a sales office so that they can buy condos and flip them? Ironic? HELLOOOOOOJust steps away they are tearing down the rope and stanchion in front of H & M where Roberto Cavalli unveiled his line of animal print dresses, pants, vests, undies and scarves this morning. I headed over at 10:10 a.m. to try to grab something but I was too late. People had been waiting from 5 a.m. They buy in bulk, the entire line of clothing which took up most of the main floor of the Bloor location was GONE. Only teeny tiny bras were left and people were buying them by the dozen. I went down to the mens section to see if I could transform a T-Shirt or something but there was a mosh pit of people grabbing at whatever frock flew out of the changeroom. It honestly looked like something out of the animal kingdom – SAVAGES. I walked across the street feeling a bit bummed that I don’t have anything Cavalli…Wandered into Holtz and Zara and did some retail therapy. I am up a pair of shoes, casual Friday jacket and a cardigan and I didn’t have to fight anyone. Check out the designs below – do you think it was worth the fuss?

The “F” word = Facebook

August 30, 2007

A while back I was in LOVE with Facebook. Now it’s just a part of my everyday routine. Check email, check facebook, meet some dude who I think is cute, check his facebook…Stalking? I think not. It’s fabulous that a social networking tool has become so mainstream that my parents know what it is but I do think that it’s a become a buzz word that makes people who know NOTHING about social media think that they are armed with the recipe for secret sauce. Every meeting I sit in to brainstorm ideas for clients someone says “create a facebook group” or “a facebook application/badge”…Facebook has become the new user generated content of the PR/marketing world and in my opinion, its getting too much attention on everyone’s blogs.

That said, I LOVED Agent Wildfire’s post on the 65 ways to post an image on FB. Everything you’ve thought about, but never said aloud. I was a bit insulted at the dig he made on having cartoons as your picture because I happen to LOVE my Yahoo! Avatar image – but I;m going to re-think it. What to post? I better think about it and make an educated change. The WOM armies are watching :).

Geek Dinner

August 23, 2007

Last night’s Geek Dinner at Eggplant was a huge success. It was great to see faces that I’ve met over the last year through this growing community. It’s a pleasure to plan events like this because not only do I get praise from Mitch and Michael, I also get juiced from their links! I am happy everyone enjoyed themselves and appreciate all the positive feedback. I plan to update my blog more since it seems more people are checking in for information on whatever comes to mind.

Release your inhibition…Feel the rain on your skin!

August 13, 2007

Did you know that tonight is the season premiere for MTV’s hit show The Hills? You don’t have to have see an episode, but you should know what’s going if you want to stay in tune with the digital generation – you can’t just be on Facebook. Did you hear Jesse and Dan’s aftershow is going to be syndicated to the US? That’s HUGE for Canadian MTV hosts. Their remix and clips are a hit on YouTube and the girls from the Hills love it! This one is defintely a favourite. Tonight’s season premiere is so exciting and I am counting down the hours till the one hour special begins. I can’t wait to see the fight break out between Heidi and LC.

I am heading to the Hills myself this later this week to visit all the hot spots where the magic happens – the steps at Laguna Beach where everyone has broken up…Area, Cafe Ketchup (just read that LC and Jason were on a date there two weeks ago). Stay tuned for pics and hey, you might even see me in a episode.